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Vitor - Brazil

Course: High School Study Abroad Program
Institution: Victor Harbour High School - South Australian Government Schools
Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Australia is such a huge country. So, it has plenty of amazing places to offer, such as beaches, metropolis and the famous Australian outback. I am lucky that I saw a little bit of each.

My host family was really nice to me and the best moments that I had here I had with them. They took me to Broken Hill, Melbourne, Marysville and Mount Buller that was a fantastic experience for me because I had never been in the snow before. I had 1 older sister, called Renee and I had really good times with her. I had as well 2 young brothers (Adam and Ryan) that I really enjoyed.

I went to Kangaroo Island as well, but in a group of international people. It was just lovely, it's amazing how many different sorts of things there are in just one place. I had a great time there.

I reckon that I am a friendly person, that's why I had heaps of friends here. The majority of them I will take in my memories for the rest of my life. I had many funny moments and plenty of good times with them. I suppose that I learnt a lot with them, they helped me with the language when I had difficulties and taught me 'Aussie stuffs' such as Australian Rules football.

I did have a lot of difficulties with the English when I first got here. Everyone speaks really fast and I just smiled and nodded my head. This stage is over though. Not completely over actually, but now I find much easier to understand people and express myself.

A good thing of Victor Harbor is the beach. It's just amazing to live in such a place. I had some surf lessons which were really nice but I don't really think that I have any future on it. I played soccer as well for the Southern Breakers in Port Elliot that I had a great time playing around South Australia and of course teaching Australians how to play a Brazilian soccer.

I really enjoyed my time in Australia and I would recommend to be an international student for anyone. Is such a fantastic experience and you'll take it forever with you. I am really glad about what Australia did offer to me, I just loved it!

Last updated: Friday, 10 June 2016 8:37:20 AM

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