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Stephanie and Nozomi - Hong Kong and Japan

Stephanie Chu Wai Yin from Hong Kong is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Communication. Nozomi, who’s originally from Japan but spent some of her schooling years in the US, is undertaking a Bachelor of Business Management and Communication, majoring in marketing and PR. Both students work for Newish, a Brisbane-based communications agency run by university students with the support of mentors and industry professionals. The aim of Newish is to create meaningful work for clients while also developing and nurturing students’ professional careers. Stephanie and Nozomi have shared their story about working for a start-up and staying resilient by providing support to others. This is their #InThisTogether story.

#InThisTogether with Stephanie and Nozomi


Being a part of a start-up during COVID-19

Joining the Newish team and helping to build it from the ground up is like starting a new business, it has been a very challenging journey. The social distancing rules were announced right after it launched so we were only able to meet up once in person as a team.

However, we've been doing our best to adapt to the 'new normal' by employing good communication skills. We have Zoom meetings three to four times a week and we make sure we are always communicating with each other in our group chats.

We also have very organised Google Drive folders so all team members can work simultaneously from home. Thank goodness we have access to all this technology!


Newish is striving to help the Brisbane community through COVID-19. As a team, we thought we could share our love and support to the Brisbane community by launching the #NewishCanHelp Campaign.

This campaign aims to support small and local businesses that have been affected by the pandemic, by offering our services free of charge. Our main services will include social media management, digital transformation, content creation, and media strategies.

We believe our services will be especially valuable to those businesses that do not have a strong media presence. We will be selecting clients through our application form, so if you or a business you know needs a hand, let us know here.

Tips for staying resilient


Stephanie: Keep in touch with your friends online and in-person if you can, and seek advice from the counselling services that your university offers.

Also, keep doing what you love! Grab a coffee, cook a good meal at home, and exercise regularly - this will definitely keep you positive throughout quarantine!


Nozomi: Facilitate a Zoom call with your friends from home on a weekly basis - everyone has more time on their hands now! Keep yourself busy by finding new hobbies that you can do at home. Continue being active by working out and going on walks or runs, listen to podcasts (my absolute favourite is 'Shameless' and 'The Daily' by NY Times) and most importantly have a positive mindset!

Constantly remind yourself that this is also an opportunity to educate yourself about what is happening around the world. Brush up on your skills and make time for what you didn't have time to do before. Quarantine won't seem as bad anymore if you develop a positive mindset.

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