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Sr. Pricilla John Baptist - Sri Lanka

My name is Sr. Pricilla John Baptist. I am a religious belong to the order of Sisters of the Holy Cross Magazine. I did my B. Sc nursing degree at Australian Catholic University. I am also recipient of the Australian Alumni Excellence Awards 2014 for Community Health Services.

Course: B. Sc. Nursing
Institute: Australian Catholic University

Sr. Pricilla John Baptist (HC) is a recipient of the 2014 Community Health service Award. I graduated B.Sc. Nursing, in 2008 after completing 4 years studies in Australia at ACU.  Some of my happiest memories and some of my worst memories come from my time in the nursing. One thing that I am sure of is that nursing training and my committed life shaped me to become the woman that I am now. What stands out the most about my time in the nursing training are the extremes that you are subjected to.

When I first realised I was struggling with my academic writing, I made an appointment with my Academic Adviser and eventually my Academic Counselor where we created a time sheet of how I would spend my time in academic writing and time management really helped! I managed to use my time for both studying and working. I then set up schedules of when I would visit my Academic Counselor and notify her of my progress. During these meetings, we discovered I would try a new and eventually, this decision has made me very happy and yearning to learn more.

When I returned to my country in 2008 April. I could Recognize that the problem of internal displacement affected most of the people and their life. This war put them in physical and mental stress and disease, changes of life path and lifestyles, loss of basic necessities and the breakdown of the family unit – it was more than evident that the displacement of people has become an acute social problem in Sri Lanka.

I worked in refugees camp for some time then I came to Jaffna to work in a Hospital and as a tutor In nursing schools in Jaffna and in Colombo Ragama. I also spend some time in community health services among displaced. After 2 years chose to pursue at M.Sc in Nursing because I wish to teach and train many energetic  nurses who can  provide a safe and quality of care to the patients.

For all the students setting goals is extremely important. Once you become aware of what your ultimate goal is then you begin to make decisions based on successfully accomplishing that goal. Looking into the future and seeing where you want to be after you graduate will give you a reason to strive harder in school. No matter how bad things went in the past there is always a chance to turn things around. With just one good semester it is possible to get much improvement in your studies.  Focus on goal rather than focusing on getting back on track, your main concern will be staying on track.

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