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Rawshan Sadia Afroze - Bangladesh

Course: Double masters course on Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (PICT)
Institute: Macquarie University
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Rawshan Sadia Afroze StudyInAustralia Student StoryI studied a double masters course on policing, intelligence and counter terrorism (PICT) with international security studies at Macquarie University. It was an exclusive and unique course, hardly ever found in Australia or anywhere in the world. As a police officer in Bangladesh, this course greatly enhanced my professional competence and critical thinking ability. 

The PICT courses are extraordinarily fascinating because most of them are based on real-world experiences. I was thrilled to learn about West African and Syrian issues of insurgencies. Sometimes I would become excited with the theory on Asian values or the clash of civilization. I occasionally got bored but felt energized again with the critical analysis of Australia’s National Security Strategies 2013.
My teachers were simply outstanding. For example, I took courses in Insurgency and International Security Studies and was spellbound by those lectures, even if those are theory-based classes. I still miss the lectures of Dr. Julian Droogan and Mr. Vince Williams for their outstanding styles of delivery. The teachers were cordial, friendly and supportive. I had a compulsory course: Security II during my third semester. While it was very hard for me initially I scored a HD in my last assignment. This was certainly because of the excellent mentorship and guidance of the teacher of that course.
One thing that makes Macquarie University unique and advantageous is its 24/7 online facilities. The audio lectures before and after the class available online was really helpful when I missed any session. Full online access to the library and the online submission of the assignments gave extra privilege when I was not on campus.
PICT provided a diversified learning environment. Its students come from all over the world (almost seven continents) with different professional backgrounds: Police, Army, Navy, Air-force and policy makers. That made a good platform for sharing diverse experiences between students. 

I also liked Macquarie University's convenient and beautiful location. It is near Sydney with great weather comfortable for living and a big multicultural society to make anyone feel familiar with the society. Its transport facilities are excellent. I was attracted by the beautiful, greenery landscape on campus and the bright multi-colored structure of the library.

Last but not the least, Australians were very friendly, gentle and polite by nature throughout my Sydney journey. The people I met in day-to-day businesses always greeted me with a beautiful smile and gave extra effort to understand me as if I was one of them. I never felt like a stranger.

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