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Qian - China - University of South Australia

Qian moved to Adelaide, South Australia in 2013 to pursue a Master of Social Work at the University of South Australia. Seven years later, she is still living and working as a Student Experience Officer in the city she now calls home.

#InThisTogether with Qian

My passion for interacting and engaging with people drove me to move from my home in China to Adelaide in 2013 and begin a Master of Social Work at the University of South Australia.

Seven years later, I'm still here, so you can tell how much I love living in this country!

The new normal

Currently, I work as a Student Experience Officer and volunteer my time as a radio presenter at a community radio station called Radio Adelaide.

As someone who's incredibly active in the Adelaide community, I found it to be a significant adjustment when I was required to work from home. However, I haven't let my new situation stop me from being social and maintaining virtual contact with my friends and workmates.

We do have social distancing but it's more about physical distance, not about connection. We can still connect to one another.

Eyes on the prize

As a self-confessed 'social media addict', I found time management to be the number-one challenge I had to overcome.

Luckily, I was able to come up with three simple ways to help avoid distractions and stay focused. The first is switching my phone to airplane mode and placing it in another room; the second is logging out of my social media accounts; and the last is employing a time management technique known as the ' Pomodoro Technique '.

Telling my story

As a hobbyist, I always have plenty to keep myself busy. One of my favourite pastimes is updating my blog called Qian's Aussie Diary, where I share my experiences of living in Australia written in both English and Chinese.

Blog entries I have written feature tips for understanding Australian English, and the differences I've noticed between China and Australia, covering everything from food to lifestyle.

I want to share my personal journey - my life, my study, my work - with people like international students. I hope that through my journey they can learn something, or be inspired in some way.

Advice for international students

I understand how important it is to stay resilient and I want to remind everyone that it's okay to seek help. My main message for all of you is to stay connected, stay present and be hopeful.

It is important to acknowledge when we are feeling fearful or worried or stressed. If we try to ignore these feelings, they will never go away.

With all of this extra time at home, I encourage people to reflect on themselves. Reflection can help us to achieve personal growth, realign priorities and assess our life goals.

We hardly ever have so much spare time, so now is a really great opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves, and our lives, to see what kind of person we want to be and what kind of things we want to achieve.

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