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Nie Weitian - China

Institution: The University of New South Wales
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

The University of New South Wales is a leading research and teaching university of international reputation. Professional teaching staff, outstanding students, and world-class facilities are the main reasons for me to choose here as my exchange study destination. My experience has been well beyond my expectations.

As a foreigner, studying literature and culture with native speakers has not been an easy job. However, teachers, students, and school’s services have been extremely helpful. When I communicated with teachers, teachers gave me constructive insights, advice and inspiration, instead of just telling me what is right and what is wrong. Teachers were more like facilitators, rather than didactic professors, that guided me in the right direction in relation to my academic skills. They took their responsibility seriously and were very erudite. When I came to their office and asked for help, I noticed that their offices were full of bookshelves. They can easily pick out a book, primarily a classic in the particular academic area and would be informative to my understanding in certain problems.

UNSW is like a melting pot, with talented, brilliant, and hardworking students of different nationalities originating from different places. When I struggled at Shakespeare’s plays, local friends provided me help to understand the text better. When I was confused with the US History, American friends explained to me their perspectives. In the academic skills class, I did group work with Indonesian and Vietnamese friends. We helped each other a lot.

School’s Learning Center also offers supportive courses for students. International students can greatly benefit from these academic related courses. Students can get services like booking individual writing consultations, attending academic skills workshops and conversations groups, or simply accessing a resource library through its website.

Sydney is a seaside city, and people love water sports. Every weekend, tens of thousand of people go to the beach to swim, surf, and getting tanned. When I felt discouraged, I went to Bondi Beach. I could still hear the waves lapping on the seashore, feel the breeze kiss my cheeks and smell the freshness of the sea water. It was refreshing.

Sydney and UNSW are not just temporary stops in my life path, they are everlasting memories forever marked in my heart.

Last updated: Wednesday, 11 November 2015 12:00:13 PM

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