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Mitchell Rankin - USA

Course: Marketing
Institution: Murdoch University
Location: Perth, Western Australia

Why did you choose to study in Australia?

I’ve always carried with me a lingering curiosity regarding the Australian culture, which made choosing Australia as my host country a no-brainer! Studying at Murdoch University helped me to realize my curiosity by allowing me the opportunity to integrate myself into the Australian culture first-hand.

What attracted you to your course of study?

I chose marketing as my course of study because it allowed me the greatest opportunity to use my knowledge and experience in a variety of industries. By taking my marketing studies to Australia, I’m able to be more progressive in regards to the business practices of America because I’ve seen the similarities and differences from those of another country. Adding this perspective to go along with my studies will help me to become more open-minded not only in a business sense, but also as an individual.

Based on your experience, what are the benefits of pursuing educational opportunities in Australia?

I found Australia to be a great place to pursue educational opportunities because it’s evident that the country maintains strong roots in its cultural heritage, all the while remaining open-minded to international influences and becoming home to an increasingly diverse population. There are no limits to the things one can learn and experience while studying in Australia, which I believe makes Australia such a unique and gratifying study abroad location.

While in Australia, did you participate in any work, internship, or volunteer activities outside of your studies? If so, what impact did this experience have on your career path and/or job prospects?

The university staff at Murdoch made it very easy for international study abroad and foreign exchange students to participate in plenty of different volunteer activities. My favourite activity was hands-down being able to show my national pride during the international cultural fair. Participating in this event allowed me to share my perspective on what living in America is truly like first-hand. This experience definitely helped solidify my desire to one day make it my career to help future students discover the benefits of studying abroad!

How has your Australian education and/or research experience helped you achieve your professional or personal goals?

After returning home from my Australian education experience, I’ve since accepted an internship at the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) in Washington D.C. As a member of the Austrade team I hope to continue learning and gaining valuable professional experience as I work towards earning a career in which I’m able to help future students achieve their goal of studying abroad. Studying abroad was an incredible experience for me. I highly recommend Australia to anyone looking for a fulfilling, and gratifying international study experience!

Last updated: Wednesday, 11 November 2015 9:11:58 AM

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