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Mayur Dhulla - India

Course: Master of International Business
Institution: University of Sydney
Location: Sydney, New South Australia

​The decision to come to Australia was a tough and challenging one for me as I already had an older brother who had been to UK to do his master’s in business administration and had a fairly successful stint there. I come from a Jain-Gujarati Business family background where education is considered a very important part in life to excel and become successful.

Australia was not new to me as I could probably relate them to ‘Cricket’ more than anything and thought that there would be “Kangaroos” seen easily everywhere. Coming from Mumbai, an international city in itself, I always wanted to associate myself with a big renowned city for my Master's degree and wanted to experience different cultures, lifestyle, methods of study, basically a living which could open my horizons to newer ways of learning and appreciating things not only academically but personally too, and Sydney, could provide me with all that.

I was accepted at Sydney University for my Masters in International Business degree. The course was very practically oriented with lot of project work involved rather than standard exams. It gave me an opportunity to interact and work with lot of students helping me build strong networks of friends with different cultural backgrounds, ethnicity and lifestyles allowing me to explore new horizons in life along with building my cultural and social intelligence at the same time. I really believe that academics can take you to a certain level in life, but it’s the other things like your personality, your attitude and behaviours towards new and challenging situations, nature towards accommodating change which you learn outside your classroom with a strong community that Sydney University and Sydney city offers is incomparable.

Developing on my skills for one and a half years, I was selected to be a part of an elite group of 16 students from Sydney University for a study program to visit China in Tsinghua University (Peking University, Beijing) to write and develop a thesis on companies entering in china called “Wining strategies in China. It was an experience which remains close to my heart where again I was given an opportunity to meet some high profile professors, lecturers and some high ranking Chinese officials as they shared some interesting stories of doing business in China and how to be successful at that!

All these experiences (and many more) made me a better communicator in life and helped me excel in my career with flying colours. I currently work for an Australian Publishing Company called CCH Australia – A Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific business in Sales and have finished number 1, two years in a row for our ANZ business.

As a conclusion, I would just like to summarise by saying that there are many reasons why people tend to study aboard; some of them go to learn a new language, others to begin a life in that country and some to get a master or doctorate degree. I chose to be a better communicator in life and Sydney city/Sydney Uni surely have played a major part in that.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Last updated: Tuesday, 10 November 2015 2:36:54 PM

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