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Mark Koh - Singapore

Course: Bachelor degree in Multimedia in 2005 and a Master of Business Administration
Institute: Murdoch University
Location: Perth, Western Australia


Mr Mark Koh graduated with a Bachelor degree in Multimedia in 2005 and a Master of Business Administration in 2010 from Murdoch University and completed the final two years of his pre-tertiary education at Guildford Grammar, a leading private college in Western Australia.

An active advocate for entrepreneurism, Mr. Koh founded his latest start up Cheeseshaker – a business spanning the full gamut of creative services from digital video to graphic design paired with light manufacturing, printing and fabrication services for paper, plastic, metal and glass.

The company also holds the trademark for web comic ‘Equatoria’ as well as printing brand ‘Perfect Print’ in Malaysia.  Cheeseshaker comprises of two business entities in Singapore and Malaysia and is expected to expand to Australia in the near future.

With more than a decade of experience in business development, Mr. Koh has mentored two younger founders – Joseph Ng, founder of TBAK / Exo technologies and Joyce Chee, CEO of Evida – who are finalists in the National Ideas Inc challenge, an entrepreneurial platform supported by more than 20 organisations in Singapore.

Mr Koh is a member of the Australian Alumni Association, the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME), a lifetime member of the old Guildfordians, and a Committee Member of Murdoch University Alumni Council Singapore.

Mark considered the following salient points that were instrumental in his academic journey of more than 6 years:

“In my academic journey spanning more than six years, the Australian education has instilled a sense of adventure – not merely to undertake tasks and solve problems, but to venture forth, take informed risks and meet challenges to better the world as one who would add value; not a follower but true thought leaders.

 I found it incredibly endearing to find so many people from a disparate collection of cultures coming together, working with international project teams in the course of study as a precursor for a globalised workplace, an experience sorely lacking in a local context. This is why 5 out of 30 of the world’s best student cities are in Australia.”

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