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Madhu Marasini - Nepal

Course: Masters International Development Economics
Institute: Australian National University
Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

I consider myself lucky as I got a chance to earn an Australian degree under a full scholarship. Every year, the Australian Embassy in Nepal calls for applications for AusAid scholarships which fulfil the dreams of many Nepalis like me to get an Australian degree. I won an AusAid scholarship in 2002 to do my Master's degree in international development economics at Australian National University. Though I had completed my bachelor's in law and Master's in public administration from Nepal, it was tough getting accustomed to the Australian education system in the initial days.
The way of teaching in Australia is quite different from that in Nepal.

Teaching in Nepal is classroom-centred, and students believe in learning the matter by heart. The teachers seldom promote practical and research-based education. They instead emphasize reading notes. However, the syllabus in Australia is designed in a way that gives the utmost priority to research and practical education. Such an academic system teaches students to become independent. Unlike in our school system, the students themselves are encouraged to study through research and group work, and the teachers only provide guidance. The students are taught creative and critical writing, and there are various study support programs for students in the subjects they are weak in.

The trend of studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular among Nepali students with the hope that pursuing internationally reputed and recognised degrees paves the way for a successful career. I believe that international education not just increases one's exposure to global education but also widens the horizons of understanding in other sectors including language and culture. I myself am an example.

There is nothing wrong in promoting foreign studies, but the most important thing is that students should return home after completing their studies. Though there is a tendency among students not to return after completing their studies, they should not forget that the country needs them for its prosperity. Nepal needs the expertise of the international graduates, and there are ample opportunities for them in their homeland. There are many Nepalis who have returned and served the country from their sector. Thousands of youths who travel to various countries of the world every year for an international education should not forget that the future of the country is in their hands.

- courtesy Kathmandu Post (Binod Ghimire)

Last updated: Tuesday, 18 August 2015 9:40:10 AM

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