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Kasia Kowalik - Poland

Course: English
Institute: Discover English
Location: Melbourne, Victoria


I really liked Discover English because I was able to challenge myself with the weekly test that allowed me to level up on a regular basis. So, I did not have to wait longer that I needed to. 
I have found it very interesting having two teachers per course.  It was a good methodology, so students did not get attached to one teaching style and also they got the chance to listen to different accents and pronunciation.

Teachers used a lot of materials, they did not stick just to the textbook. They gave us additional photocopies with exercises and text to read and analyse. I can say that Discover English is 100% focused on students. Everyone is very helpful, if a student has a problem, everyone is able to solve it.

Melbourne has so much to offer that there is not much time left to feel homesick. 

It might be difficult to get used to the weather at first - sometimes in the morning it is 6C, rainy and windy and in the afternoon might be 25C+ and full sun.  Spring and summer by itself are great and it is time for barbecue by the river, at the park, at the beach or in every other place where you can find a barbie. It’s one of many good ways to spend time with friends.

It’s outstanding how easy it is to make friends in Melbourne. Almost every week you can meet someone new from a different country and it is a great chance to learn something about other cultures and customs.

Public transport is quite well organised. You can get to almost every major place in Melbourne by bus, train or tram.

I have really enjoyed my time in Melbourne.

Last updated: Friday, 23 May 2014 1:00:18 AM

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