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Jack Lee - Hong Kong

Course: Bachelor of Marketing
University of South Australia
Adelaide, South Australia

The University of South Australia (UniSA), like many other Australian universities, highly values the connection and cultural interaction among domestic and international students.The flexibility and encouragement that Australian universities provide always exceeds my expectations.

Academically, I joined a program called PASS Leader program, a peer-assisted study session, when I studied at UniSA. In this program, students with a distinction or high distinction grade in a particular subject are offered an opportunity to tutor students in subjects in which they performed well the previous semester.

The program has been widely recognised in Australia by both domestic and international students as it is an excellent platform to work with others in the same subjects under an ‘informal and friendly’ atmosphere. The program has enriched my study experience as it bridges the gap between lectures and stay-at-home study style. It was a great opportunity for me to further enhance my communication skills as well as my academic understanding of the subject.

Career services were well-structured in pinpointing the implicit and explicit needs of a foreign student like me. United Nations Career Workshops at UniSA were held by the Human Resources Director from United Nations’ USA headquarters. The event hosted over 100 UniSA students and lecturers who are interested in hearing the pathway to work in United Nations and other international careers advice. The university’s online career intranet offered a great service also. It allows to you be notified of any new internship opportunity, work on full-time or part-time basis, cross-border career development programs, and on-campus paid or volunteer job duty. For example, as a marketing student, I was introduced to assist cross-culture marketing campaigns that promotes UniSA in Asia Pacific regions. I was filmed demonstrating the campus and day-to-day life on and off campus like library or café areas.

I went on exchange on a scholarship from UniSA. The access to the scholarship was available to most students including international students. It was approximately AUD2,500. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to study in Australia and go on exchange to a third country for one or two semesters of study? I chose Oklahoma State University in the United States. I joined four clubs there, one of them was called the Entrepreneurship Club which brought all of us from Oklahoma State University to Chicago for 7 days to attend the 2010 Chicago CEO conference. Over 5,000 American students showed up for an entrepreneurship seminar series. I am grateful I had a chance to moderate a session for a speaker who is vice president of FB Financial Bank in Chicago.

Looking beyond the campus, Australian events are considerably internationalised. I joined the Asia-Pacific Model United Nations held by the University of Sydney in 2010. My participation in the United Nations Society at my university partially funded me and other member for the 7-day Sydney trip. The level of professionalism at the conference and social events was great. More than that the president of this organisation at the University of Sydney was from Sri Lanka, revealing the degree of internationalisation in Australian’s mindsets and the vision to integrate cultural diversity and exploring its beauty while benefiting student community. I was pleasantly impressed by the high-quality delivery of  education, living conditions, social environment, and opportunity.

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