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Ferhat - Turkey - Monash University

Ferhat studied a Master of Business and Mangement at Monash Business School. Monash university is a global education leader in Business Management.

Ferhat - Turkey - Monash University

Why did you choose Australia?

I was studying IELTS to study overseas. Then;

  • I consulted an agent from IDP education. In fact, I was going to go London in the UK, but I wanted to study at least a two year Masters program. Thus, I decided to move to Melbourne instead.
  • Australia provides a post-study work opportunity in terms of a 2 year Temporary Work visa, when you finish an approved Masters program.
  • Australia is a developed country with a great quality of life.
  • The course has strong job prospects
  • The most imprortant one is the quality and style of education

What were the biggest challenges when you first arrived?

I haven’t confronted any serious challenges because I went to Melbourne with my buddy. However, I can say that one of the biggest challenges is renting a house or finding a room because so many students from all around the world come to Melbourne to study. Therefore, it makes it difficult to find a house or room.

Most people in Turkey are not familiar with different accents in English. We mostly know the British or American English accent, but the Australian accent is totally different! In my first week, I had a trouble understanding people, but then I quickly became familiar with the Australian accent. Today, I have lots of Australian friends and we are very close. I would recommend to students who are coming to Australia to listen to Australian accents. There are specific Australian word shortcuts that Australians use all the time. People should research some of these before they arrive.

Some people might get homesick after leaving their habits and friends etc. In my first month, I got homesick and I missed my friends and family as well as my routines. However, I dealt with this thanks to support from my friends and trying new things such as joining in events at the university. Also, I always try to meet new people in my life which is my priority in life.

What is the best part of studying in Australia?

I can say that Student Associations and Student Events because many students come together thanks to these kinds of organisations. I have met lots of people from different majors and background. Furthermore, I have learned different types of perspectives towards every situation because I had at least two group tasks or assignments for each unit in the university, so that I have learned to take on responsibility which has had a contribution to developing my leadership in the long run.

Melbourne is one of the world's most liveable cities but also has some of highest standards of education and quality of life at the same time.

What surprised you the most about Australia?

Firstly, I was surprised with the bike share areas in the city because almost every person is riding a bicycle and most of people prefer to hire a bicycle as a medium of transport. Even if you do not have a bicycle, you can hire a bicycle anywhere and drop it anywhere. There are bike share stations everywhere. So that was interesting for me compared to Istanbul.

Melbourne is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, you will see people from all around the world. Now I am living at Southbank in the city, which is a pretty nice area to live in, especially for students because there are so many other students around from other parts of the world and everyone can hang out together.

Melbourne has a lot of universities with international students who can take advantage of that, by joining lots of social activities, trips, hiking and language exchange activities etc. According to my experience, I have noticed that every person is interested in at least one sport activity which surprised me.

Do you work part-time while you are studying? How was the work experience?

Yes, I applied to the internship program at Monash University, and I was accepted for an internship at IDP Education as part of my studies. There was a regular job application process so I obtained this great experience to work as part of the Global Marketing Team, IELTS in IDP Education. After I finished my internship with IDP Education, I got a job offer to work in the Global Marketing Team as a part-time job. So, I worked as part-time while I was studying.

I have now worked as a Digital Marketing Coordinator in the Global Marketing Department where I have been working on marketing campaigns, preparing some content for our websites, providing marketing support for our offices all around the world. We are located in Melbourne as headquarters and we need to support our other marketing teams around the world.

How did you go about applying for your scholarship?

I didn’t apply for a scholarship during my study.

Do you have on campus or private rental accommodation?

I didn’t choose to stay on campus because I went to Melbourne with my friend and we were two people, so we shared a unit together. Now, I still have a private rental accommodation in Southbank, Melbourne.

Have you taken up any Australian Hobbies?

Yes, of course! I am really interested in surfing and I am still learning. I started to learn surfing in my first semester at university and now I usually go to the Mornington Peninsula in summer, if I have time.

I also follow Australian Football League (AFL) matches and I am a fan of the Richmond Tigers football club.

Have you explored / travelled much during your studies?

I had a chance to visit other Australian cities outside of Melbourne during the semester break. I have seen Queensland (Brisbane, Gold coast Sunshine coast), NSW (Sydney, Byron Bay). I am also interested in hiking, so have explored lots of the incredible natural environment around Melbourne in Victoria.

What’s your key message to Turkish students considering studying in Australia?

Studying in Australia brought lots of opportunities to my life such as new job prospects, meeting many people from different backgrounds because I am a person who always likes trying new things and meeting lots of people. Don’t be afraid of anything and just try! Because I believe that people do not want to leave their comfort zone, even if they believe in a change.

For example, this all started when I was a student studying IELTS who was getting consulting services from IDP Education about studying overseas. Afterwards I had a chance to work at the same company’s headquarters in Melbourne.

It’s an opportunity. I believe that everyone should try to study overseas, if they are willing to achieve priceless experiences.

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