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Federico - Italy

Course: High School Study Abroad Program
Institution: South Australian Government Schools, Norwood Morialta High School
Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Hi my name is Federico, but everyone calls me Fede. I have been studying abroad at The Norwood Morialta High School for the last six months. I’m from Italy and I live in the city of Catania. This experience has provided me with an opportunity to learn more about the people of my age somewhere else in the world and it especially gave me an opportunity to improve my English. I enjoyed my time in Australia thanks to my awesome mates. I hope I will stay in touch with my friends even if there is a huge distance between us.

When I first came to Norwood Morialta everyone was so nice and welcoming. I immediately formed a close friendship with the guys and over 6 months we have had many memories together that will not be forgotten. I also picked up on some of the “Aussie Slang.” “How ya goin’ mate” is now how I greet everybody! I wonder what my friends in Italy will think of that...

When I first came here I had the chance to see the many beaches of Adelaide, and was overjoyed to finally see an iconic Australian beach. They are as beautiful as I would have thought.

When I asked everyone what there was to do in Adelaide they all said nothing. But during my stay I visited Rundle Mall, The Parade, Glenelg and Henley multiple times which I found awesome. I was also invited to many parties which was entertaining and fun. Seeing how the Aussies choose to party was an experience itself, that was crazy.

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the school formal. It was an amazing night. I enjoyed it especially because in Italy we don’t have a formal so it was something new for me. It was fun to see everyone in my year dressed up and to take photos as well which I must show my friends and family back home. The Norwood Morialta Formal was an unforgettable experience.

Overall Australia is “bellissima!” I wish everyone here would appreciate how great a country it is and I had the best time of my life. I met so many wonderful people and if I choose to come here in 1 or 2 years time I hope I will be able to catch up with you all because it was you guys that made my stay here so enjoyable!

Last updated: Wednesday, 27 May 2015 12:01:55 PM

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