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Elena - Germany

Institution: Brighton Secondary School
Course: High School Study Abroad Program
Location: Adelaide, South Australia

The studying in Australia was really fun. The school was really nice, new and you had always someone to talk to if you had a problem. My school had a special home group for all the international students where we spoke about what is happening at the school in the next weeks. We had surf and aquatics day, where we could surf or snorkel. That was really fun. I really felt at ease in my school.

The school in Australia is really different than in Germany. The school here starts at 8.40 – really late for German circumstances. You start the day with home group. Sometimes there is an assembly with the whole year [level], where students present their work. At 9 o’clock all students start with their first lesson of the day. All students have six subjects, which they can choose out of a huge number of subjects. After the first 3 lessons you have the recess, where you can eat a second breakfast or just talk to all the nice people. In Germany you have a little recess between every lesson. The next break is the lunch break. It is 50 min long. You finish the school day often at 3.10, if you are in no bands or play a sport. The sport options are huge. You can do from Netball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball to Golf and Athletics. Also in the music centre, there are a lot of bands and ensembles, which are really fun. You should do something like this, because of meeting so many nice people there. In Australia you spend all your hobby time at school, that’s because all schools have really good and new equipment.

My host family supported me the whole time. I had a host sister, who was the same age as me and two host parents.  They were originally from India. It was really interesting, because they told me a lot about India and the differences to Australia. I ate Indian food for the first time in my life, which was really tasty. I really felt as though I were a part of the family, because they involved me in every family party or birthday they had. My host mum said that I have a second home now.

I would [advise] everyone who has the chance to study abroad to do so. It was the best half of the year ever.

Last updated: Wednesday, 27 May 2015 10:45:56 AM

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