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Ekaterina Tsypkaikina - Russia

I considered various options, but settled on UNSW because of the quality of education (the program being in the top 30 highest ranked programs in the world).

UNSW_Stairs_IMG_3909_editedI considered various options, but settled on UNSW because of the quality of education (the program being in the top 30 highest ranked programs in the world). There is also a great choice of subjects that are relevant to my area of study and specialisations of Computer Science and Engineering.

It was also really important that the university I chose would be industry oriented with strong partnerships, constantly developing, and offering an abundant choice of student services.

During my undergraduate studies, I became more and more interested in programming, computer science and data processing. I was so passionate about these areas of study and getting a degree in Information Technology was a logical next step for my career.

Learning about Computer Science and Engineering utilises my strengths, and captures my imagination. This area of study is evolving so fast, and there are so many breakthroughs happening right now. It’s a very exciting time to be studying a Master of Information Technology.

I’ve had a really positive experience in terms of teachers. I have found the teaching staff to be of the utmost professional level. They offer excellent support for students seeking it.

What I have enjoyed most about my Master’s program and UNSW Sydney is the high quality of the courses, excellent use of online platforms including additional self-learning exercises and course materials. One of the highlights would be COMP9024 Data Structures and Algorithms delivered by Professor Michael Thielscher – I’ve really enjoyed this course.

One of the benefits of my program is that you are not only assessed by how well you do in your final exam, but also on your work throughout the semester. It keeps your studies and grades on track and lets you have a ‘safety buffer’ at the end of the semester, which reduces stress greatly.

I have enjoyed studying with a diverse and multicultural student population. To have the opportunity to communicate with people from different cultures is quite rewarding and meeting new people from all over the world has given me a new perspective on a lot of things that I never considered before.

The UNSW Kensington campus is very impressive; it is modern and highly functional, and huge in size with lots of amenities and facilities. It has everything you can dream of and more!

Testimonial_Ekaterina_Tsypkaikina_IMG_5798_UNSW_edited_SIAWhat I love most about Sydney is how friendly, encouraging and relaxed the atmosphere is.

I also chose Sydney because it is a new culture and lifestyle that I knew I would love to experience.

I found it easy to make new friends here, I made quite a lot of connections in the first few weeks.

I haven’t undertaken any practical experience like work experience or field trips yet, but I plan to look into that soon. I hope to apply all the knowledge I gain in a relevant field of work after I graduate. Once I’ve had some more time to work professionally in the IT field, I would also like to apply for a PhD.

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