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Beatrice Tsui - Hong Kong

Course: Bachelor of Science (Genetics)
Monash University
Melbourne, Victoria

I graduated from Mater Christi in 2008 and I am currently studying a science degree majoring in genetics at Monash University.

As an international student, moving away from home was difficult in the beginning. I started here at Mater Christi in Year 9. Experiencing a different culture, living in a new environment amongst 35 other girls in the boarding house was definitely not easy. But surprisingly I got used to everything in no time, my confidence gradually built up and I enjoyed every minute at school as well as in the boarding house. Other than studying, we had different cultural celebrations and excursions so I was always busy. Because of boarding, you learn so much about other people from other parts of the world and more importantly you learn a lot about “how to live with other people”- how to be considerate, tolerant and respectful. There might be times that I felt a bit down or homesick as I only went home once a year but as I lived with 35 other girls and staff, everyone was so supportive. Now I like it here in Australia so much this is like a second home and I haven’t been home for more than 18 months! I still miss my family, but we talk on the phone quite frequently so it’s not a big deal.

At school I was a member of the international student council in Year 11 and 12 which gave me an opportunity to help other girls with school or other personal issues. When I was in Year 12 I got very nervous, not only because everything was so hectic at school with the unstoppable SACs and exams, I just didn't know what I want to do at university and what my future is going to be like. Through the guidance of teachers and staff, I finally decided that I am more interested in the science field, and I chose to do Science at Monash University. I tried a lot of different units in the first and second year of my undergraduate studies, including non-science related ones and I have discovered a real interest in genetics.

Studying overseas has given me independence and taught me a really structured routine and study pattern which has really benefited me in my university life. Mater Christi has given me not only academic achievements, it has also given me lifelong friendship. I get to know people from different countries and some of them are still my best friends even after we have all graduated from school.

Last updated: Wednesday, 13 May 2015 9:22:11 AM

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