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Balaza Hajnal - Hungary

I was motivated to come here because I hold the viewpoint that studying abroad offers such opportunities that cannot be achieved through domestic education.

Course: Postgraduate Exchange Program
Institute: The University of Sydney Business School
Location: Sydney, New South Wales


I’m Balaza Hajnal and am doing a Postgraduate Exchange Program at the University of Sydney Business School. I’ve come all the way from Hungary to be here.

I was motivated to come here because I hold the viewpoint that studying abroad offers such opportunities that cannot be achieved through domestic education. I consider exchange life to be personally enriching and an asset for my future. After studying abroad in the US, and in Switzerland, I really wanted to experience another continent, preferably English speaking, so USyd was an obvious choice.

Testimonial_Hungary_Balazc_Hajnal_Sydney_Uni_SIAI chose Australia because it is an English spoking country with diverse cultural backgrounds, and the opportunities to explore and travel are massive. USyd is among the top universities in the world and it is also a CEMS-university, and since I`m an “ex-CEMSie”, it was crucial for me to go to a university where the level of education is high. I basically thought Sydney would be ideal from both an educational and `cultural exchange` perspective.

In Hungary, I was granted the Overseas Scholarship which means that I do not have to pay any tuition fees, which is indeed a great thing, I highly applicate it, especially after witnessing how much money international students spend on their education. In Europe, however, education is usually free, so I guess I also had a bit of cultural bias towards free education, which we often tend to take for granted.

I did apply to the University of Otago (in Dunedin), Buenos Aires because of the cultural considerations and being far away from Europe. It also offered a different culture and lots to explore.  My first choice, however, was Sydney, and I fortunately made it.

What I really enjoyed about my studies here was seeing how diverse the backgrounds of students were and the city of Sydney is an amazing place to live. As I managed to find a job at the University, it was also extremely beneficial from a professional perspective.

The challenge I had in the early days was to get used to the Australian accent.  Living in Sydney can be quite expensive but I was lucky enough to find the perfect job on campus which I truly enjoyed.

What I enjoy most about Australia are the beaches, my independency, the friends that I`ve made here, and of course the fact that I`ve been travelling around a lot. I also like the Australian way of looking at life; easy-going, no stress, 'no-worries', that is something I`ll take with me back to Europe, for sure.

The advice I’d give to students looking to study here is to participate in as many events as possible, join as many clubs and societies as you can – there’s over 200 of them.

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