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Abhijith - India - University of Western Australia

Just last year, Abhijith (Abhi) Harikumar moved from his home in the state of Kerala, India, to pursue a Master of Geoscience at the University of Western Australia in Perth.

Supporting the international student community

During this hard time, I am very happy to see a vast cohort of international students uniting for a better cause.

The faith that I have in the international student community grew even more after seeing many students turn up for the #InThisTogether campaign and put the effort into helping others in need.

No one signed up for COVID-19 but during these times, we as students can show the world that we can bring a change.

Working hard to meet the needs of others

I am a full-time extrovert and international student and have got involved with all the opportunities that have knocked on my door.

I am one of 10 International Student Ambassadors for StudyPerth. I am the Social Media Coordinator for the public relations office at the Council of International Students Australia (CISA). I am also involved with my university guild and with the Postgraduate Student Association as the International Students Officer.

With my roles, I try my best to help advocate for all international students and ensure that they have a safe and wonderful time while studying here in Australia.

Throughout COVID-19, I have reached out to many international students to understand the concerns and issues they face during this uncertain time. I have tried my best to guide or help them find a solution to their problem and especially make sure everyone is taken care of.

Advice for fellow international students

My advice is to keep having constant conversations with your friends and family. I know it's difficult, but making sure one of your friends is doing well makes everyone feel better and keeps your morale high. Reach out to anyone or any organisation, be it in your respective university somewhere else - we are ready to help you in any way possible.

Keep maintaining safety practices and keep yourselves healthy. Working out at home might be difficult but please try to do at least five burpees. Read that book you wanted to read for a long time. Learn a new language- I am trying to dust off my French.

I follow this motto from Hawaii which inspires me through all endeavours - "Always can". Have hope and make the best out of each day.

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