Student Story: Education Pathway to Medicine

Malaysian student Isaac Ng shares his Australian education pathway story.

16 May 2019


When Isaac Ng witnessed a traumatic medical emergency during a return visit to his home in Malaysia, his mind was finally set on becoming a doctor.

At the time, he was helping out at a local school when he was witness to a tragic event.

“A young girl suffered from a heart attack and subsequently suffered from a seizure,” he says. “The girl was in a really critical condition; pretty much everyone was panicked.
“I saw the whole thing and the feeling of not being able to do anything to help without worsening the situation really stuck with me long after the incident.”

The tragedy of the incident prompted Isaac into serious thoughts about his own future and, in particular, his academic career path.

“What was going through my mind was, ‘Do I really want to do medicine?’” he says. “By the end of the day, I had fixed my mind on that.
“People can’t be replaced, and I want to do what I can to make sure that people are able to see their family members again.”

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