Spanish Alumni of Australian Universities

Spain - News - Spanish alumni to stay engaged with Australia

21 Dec 2015


If you are a Spanish student who has studied at an Australian university we would like to invite you to follow the Australian Embassy on Facebook and Twitter

Here you will find information on any future events and can stay engaged on developments in the bilateral relationship. If you have any suggestions on stories we can feature, please send your ideas to

If you have friends who are Spanish alumni of Australian universities, please ask them to register with us by sending their name, contact details (email and telephone) and what they studied and where to Please also update your details if you have not sent all this information to us.


The Australia-Spain Business Association (ASBA) has extended its student membership (25€ for a one year membership) to alumni of Australian universities. You can join ASBA who have various networking events with Spanish businesses in Australia and vice-versa as a good way to expand your professional networks. Please email if you are interested in joining ASBA.

We wish you all a  very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!