Finding casual work during summer break

International students are permitted to work unlimited hours in Australia during semester break. Take advantage of the long, end of year summer break and pick up some skills, brush up on your English and meet some locals.

11 Dec 2019


During semester breaks, international students studying in Australia are able to work unlimited hours. Find a casual job is a rewarding way to earn some extra money, get workplace skills experience, practice your English and get to make friends and meet locals.

The Choose Brisbane student blog has some tips to help students take the next step into finding paid work.

Some useful tips are:

  • Make a great resume 
  • Search online through Austrailan job websites such as Seek, StudentEdge, Indeed and Career One
  • Apply in-store
  • Apply early
  • Check job ad boards at your education provider
  • Word of mouth (yes, talk to people!)

The market for casual summer jobs in Australia gets busy so it's a good idea to get started, stay patient and talk to your friends about findin work. 

Remember that international students have the same rights as Australian workers. Find out more about your work rights.