Education agents

If you need assistance with visas, institution applications or living arrangements, an education agent can help. Read about choosing a suitable agent.

Many education institutions in Australia accept applications directly. This is a good option if you already know what and where you want to study, and do not need any help with the visa process.

If you do need help, you can contact education agents in your home country.

What does an education agent do?

An education agent can give you information about your options for studying and living in Australia, and help you with your study and visa applications. In many cases, agents have studied in Australia and are happy to share their experiences with you.

Agents have up-to-date course information from many Australian institutions and are required to be aware of any changes to Australian visa policy. This means they can give you accurate information that is tailored to your needs.

How to choose an education agent

Under Australian law, every Australian education institution that uses the services of an education agent must have a formal contract with the agent and monitor their integrity.

Education institutions must also list every education agent that represents them in different countries on their website.

If you have a specific education institution that you want to apply to, you can check the online education agent listing on their website to find an agent who is contracted to represent them.

Here are some tips for choosing an agent:

  • Speak to more than one agent: Australian education institutions usually have more than one education agent appointed per country so speak with a few agents, then compare the information they give you.
  • Select an experienced agent: Choose an education agent with experience helping students study in Australia – they are likely to have a better knowledge of the Australian education system, visas and life in Australia.
  • Check the agent’s credentials: Make sure the agent is authorised to represent the institution you are interested in. You can ask to see their letter of appointment from the institutions.
  • Ask about costs: Find out what fees you have to pay for using the agent’s services.

Avoiding problems with education agents

Occasionally students can experience problems with an education agent. In this event, there are steps students can take to avoid and report problems with an education agent.

Migration advice

Education agents cannot guarantee a permanent visa or work placement in Australia after you graduate. Their job is to help with study and visa applications.

If an education agent is based in Australia, it is against Australian law for them to provide you with migration advice, unless they are also a Registered Migration Agent.

If you need migration advice, use a migration agent who is registered in Australia. Some Registered Migration Agents are located overseas or have representatives in international markets. Find out more about Registered Migration Agents.

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If you need assistance with visas, institution applications or living arrangements, an education agent can help. Read about choosing a suitable agent.

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