Frequently Asked Questions

Flim Fly Experience Australia competition FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Australia Future Unlimited Schools Video Competition 2018-2019, who can participate in this?

It is a video competition organised by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade). This competition is for students from grades 9-12 across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Schools must support the students’ registration, create and upload videos to enter this competition.

School students will demonstrate their English skills and develop a short video on a topic nominated by the partner institution. Winners of each partner-nominated topic will visit Australia and be hosted by the nominating Australian institution. Flights, travel insurance and visas will be funded by the competition.

How many students can apply per school?

Two students and one teaching staff constitutes a team. Since there are different themes, one team per theme are allowed to participate. A school can upload a maximum of 20 videos.

What if my school has different branches/campuses?

You are allowed to upload a maximum of 20 videos per school branch/campus.

Can my school participate across various themes?

Schools are allowed to enter different themes but please remember: one team per theme. The same team is not allowed to upload videos on various themes.

What are the criteria for registering?

You will be able to register only if you provide all the details requested within the registration page. Please note, you will need to provide a valid email address and mobile number for further communication, without which you will not be able to register.

How can schools support their students?

Teachers/schools can assist students with finalizing their entries and uploading their videos on YouTube as this will likely be done at school. A member of the teaching staff must travel and be the responsible party during the winners' Australia visit.

Are the themes different for different countries?

Yes, as schools from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will be participating in this competition, the themes will vary across various countries. Check your country themes closely as incorrect entries will not be accepted. Check your country themes provided below.

University Country  Focus Area   Theme
 AIM - Logo India Composition and Music Production Creating my own music
 ANU- Logo India Engineering and Management Improving quality of life
through humanitarian
engineering and 
 Bond - logo India Data Science Data Science
 uni-logo-rmit Sri Lanka Artificial Intelligence (AI) How can Artificial Intelligence be used for the public good
 UTS - Logo India Innovative Business Idea Improve the lives of those living in Smart cities and urban areas
 UOW_Primary_CMYK_Dark Blue India UN Sustainability Goals UN Sustainability Goals
Sri Lanka

Do I have to register from a participating school to take part in the competition?

Yes, schools must register with details such as your school principal's name and contact details (and your assisting teacher) before students can enter the competition.

How can I participate in the competition?

Firstly, you will have to register for the competition. The team will then create a video on one of the themes (as per your country) and upload it on YouTube. Share the YouTube link through the website using the registered email address. We request the schools to assist their students by submitting the links to the videos as entries.

What is the main objective of the competition?

This competition aims to bring out the innovative skills in students and encourage them to travel to and experience Australia. Chance to learn options to an exciting career.
The students will have a chance to demonstrate their English language skills, video production skills and their creative thinking. This will teach students to be more creative to work towards their goals.

How will the submissions be evaluated?

The videos will primarily be evaluated on the content (significance, precision, inventiveness). You will also be judged on the language related skills like clarity, delivery and creativity of the presentation. Students should ensure that there is no copyright infringement either in video or sound.

How do teachers support students in the competition?

Teachers can help their students understand the competition, help them to brainstorm ideas that create innovative videos; explain the rules and ensure their videos are within the time limit specified and encourage students to ‘put on their creative thinking hats'.
Teachers are requested to check on the students and ensure that no material is copied from any other sources and also ensure that there are no infringement of copyright breaches.
In conjunction with the video micro-lectures, teachers are expected to explain the topics clearly to students and also ensure the students stick to the topic specified.

How many teams can a school nominate?

Each school can nominate a maximum of 20 teams. Registrations are now closed..

Can a student be part of more than one theme or team?

No, students can only take part in one team/theme.

What are the competition dates?

The competition was launched in 4 different countries in December 2018. The videos must be uploaded by Sunday, 31st March 2019. The judging process will be take place between Monday, 1 April and Monday, 22 April 2019.

Winners will be announced with their trip dates and announced on this website on Tuesday, 23 April 2019. 

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, 23 April 2019 – dates are subject to change.

What is the competition prize?

We will select a winning team for each theme. The winning team will get a fully sponsored five-day visit to Australia. It will be a great opportunity for the students to experience student life at one of the partnering Australian universities.

How do I upload my video?

Registrations and competition entries have now closed.

Where can I get more information about the themes?

Each university has fixed themes as per their country of interest.

Five selected themes will be open to applications from Indian schools, with two topics for Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and one topic for Pakistan. A video lecture is available on the home page - beyond this no further assistance can be provided as it may bias the competition.

How are the schools benefited?

It is a good opportunity for the winning schools to increase their profiles as they will be featured in publicity campaigns related to this competition by Australian Trade and Investment Commission. Winning videos will be promoted through social media.

Which are the participating universities?

The Australian National University, Australian Institute of Music, Bond University, RMIT, University of Technology Sydney and University of Wollongong

Who can we contact in case of queries?

You can reach us at

What does the study tour include?

5 days including return economy flights to Australia, the cost of travel insurance and visas, accommodation, and meals. Prizes will be issued to the ten (10) winning pairs of students and their accompanying teacher.

Important dates for the competition?

The Competition commenced on Tuesday, 18 December 2018 (GMT+5.5) and ends on Sunday, 31 March 2019 at 11.59 pm (India: GMT+5.5, Pakistan: GMT+5, Bangladesh: GMT+7, Sri Lanka: GMT+5.5).

Austrade runs the official clock for the Competition and will solely determine the time by which an entry is received.

If I am part of the winning team, will I be provided flight tickets from my city of residence?

The winning teams will be provided both domestic and international flight tickets.

For India, the winning teams will have to take international flights from either of these cities - Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

For Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the winning teams will have to take international flights from the nearest international airport.

Will I be eligible for a business or a first class air ticket?

Only economy class of tickets will be sponsored.

Where do I get regular updates about the competition after registering and uploading my video?

The competition entrants must take the responsibility to recheck the competition website for any updates.

What will the judging process be like?

The teams will be judged with a predetermined marking criteria and copyright infringements will be strictly disqualified.