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Short term study abroad programs in Australia

Adventure! Excitement! Culture! Short-term programs will offer you the opportunity to earn credit towards your degree and experience study abroad in Australia.

Can't commit to an entire semester abroad? Consider spending a week, a month or a summer in Australia. A number of Australian universities offer study abroad students the chance to have an intensive study abroad experience. Because they are shorter in duration, these types of programs tend to be less expensive than studying abroad for an entire semester or year. Short-term programs in Australia are a good way to make the most of your summer break through an exciting educational experience that will be sure to broaden your cultural horizons. Having international experience is always an excellent addition to your résumé! Short-term programs in Australia offer an invaluable chance to discover a diverse culture through an academically enriching experience.

La Trobe University

  • Program Name - Edge of the Outback: A Photographic Journey 
  • Duration - Summer, 3 weeks

Murdoch University

  • Program Name - Tropical Marine Biology
  • Duration - Summer, 2.5 weeks

University of Adelaide

  • Program Name - Summer and Winter School: Business, Economics, Engineering, ECIC, Health, Humanities, International, Law, Mathematics, Psychology, Sciences
  • Duration - Summer and Winter, 4-7 weeks

University of Canberra

  • Program Name - Australian Sporting Industry
  • Duration - Summer, 3 weeks

  • Program Name - Global Communication Practice
  • Duration - Summer, 3 weeks

University of Melbourne

  • Program Name - Australian Business Experience
  • Duration - Summer, 2 weeks

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

  • Program Name - Tourism and Event Management
  • Duration - Summer, 5 weeks

  • Program Name - International Business: Australia and Southeast Asia
  • Duration - Summer, 5 weeks

  • Program Name - Australian Environment, Wildlife and Conservation 
  • Duration - Summer, 5 weeks

  • Program Name - Energy Tomorrow: Engineering and Management
  • Duration - Summer, 5 weeks

University of Wollongong

  • Program Name - Regional Australian Society and Environment
  • Duration - Summer, 3 weeks


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