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2.5 million Australian alumni

Alumni groups

Alumni associations and networks are a great way to stay connected with friends and classmates.

You can find and join alumni associations both in Australia and back home based around your particular institution, the course you studied, or other students from your country.  Most groups and clubs are online, so it's easy to be an active member.

Some of the reasons to join an alumni group are:

  • Keep in contact - After study, you and your classmates will join the workforce or go on to further study all over the world with your Australian qualifications, and regular social events will allow you to stay touch.
  • Support - Family and friends at home will welcome you home, but an alumni network is full of people who've been where you are and have grown from the experience personally and professionally.
  • Employment and career - Fellow alumni who work in your field can be a great resource when you're establishing your career. They can provide guidance on your industry and who's hiring through alumni newsletters and publications.
  • Benefits - Your provider is home to services that will still be valuable when you graduate. Whether it is libraries and laboratories or the coffee shop, alumni membership often gets you a discount.
  • Give Back - Alumni groups are great to match peers and mentors among former and current students, and being an alumnus gives you the chance to help another student navigate life and study the way you once did. Alumni groups organise many charity and community activities, so being a member makes it easy to take part.

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