Improve project performance through personalised team development

Date: November 26, 2020




Speaker: Julien Pollack PhD,  Associate Professor and Project Management Research Director

About the speaker
"Associate Professor Julien Pollack started working in project management in the Australian public sector delivering organizational change projects, where he completed an Action Research Ph.D. This research won national and international awards. Following this, he managed telecommunications and heavy engineering projects, before taking an academic position in 2011 to teach project management. He joined the University of Sydney in 2016. His research has focused on two broad themes: trends in project management research; and developing project management practice to meet the needs of projects that cannot be pre-defined in simple and stable terms. He has successively drawn on systems thinking, complexity theory, and change management to address this latter area of research, particularly focusing on the delivery of organisational change projects. His research in these areas has been frequently published in the leading project management journals and research conferences."

Masterclass description:
In this masterclass, we will explore a personalised approach to improving project team communication, and the impact of team development on interpersonal networks of communication. The demands placed on project teams are very high. A project will rarely be successful if the team of people responsible for delivery cannot work together effectively. However, project teams rarely have the luxury of long periods where positive working relationships can naturally develop over time. Projects need way of quickly developing trust and psychological safety to ensure performance. Most team building takes a one-size-fits-all approach to developing interpersonal relationships, but this can waste time trying to strengthen already strong relationships. We suggest there is a better team-building approach. It’s about understanding that teams are social networks built on connections between individuals. It involves deep one-on-one conversations, designed to get people out of their comfort zones When team building is customised to respond to the specific strengths and weaknesses within a social network, team building can have a significant impact on patterns of communication in a project team, with a relatively small investment in time.

Date: November 26, 2020
Time: 5pm USEST (ARG 7pm, BRA 7pm, CHI 7pm, COL 5pm, MEX 4pm, PER 5pm)
Price: Free


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