New supply chain management: Sustainable and agile for a post-COVID-19 world

Date: November 12, 2020


Speaker: Sardana Khan PhD, Lecturer of the School of Business and Law

About the speaker
"Dr Sardana Khan earned a PhD in Management from La Trobe University, Australia and had published in 12 international journals such as Personnel Review, Journal of Developing Areas, International Journal of Economics and Management, and International Business Research, among others. Dr Khan is also authored and co-authored four book chapters and presented papers in 22 international conferences. Her papers have earned several international awards such as GBMF UN OMAHA Best Paper Award 2008, Australasian Conference on Business and Social Sciences Best Paper Award 2015 and ‘Best Innovative Paper’ award in Sydney International Business Research Conference 2015. Dr Khan received ANZAM 2019 Best Stream Reviewer award and ‘AABL Academic Leadership Award’ for outstanding conference coordination of the Melbourne International Business and Social Science Research Conference 2019 and a 'Gold Certificate' for highly rated unit for her unit coordination and teaching roles at CQUniversity, School of Business and Law. "

Masterclass description:
The unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of existing supply chains and the need for international businesses to reinvent their global sourcing and supply chain management practices for sustainable competitive advantage and crisis survival. The global outsourcing moves originally driven by cost consideration were initially replaced by stability, safety, and manageability benefits in local sourcing options. These speculative and sporadic practices may compromise the economic benefit once enjoyed by the international businesses through off shoring. Based on a range of global sourcing scenarios, the proposed virtual masterclass will explore the possibility and benefits of integrating the closed loop supply chain model with some traditional supply management practices for a more sustainable and agile global supply chain management regime for post-COVID-19 international businesses.

Date: November 12, 2020

Time: 5pm USEST (ARG 7pm, BRA 7pm, CHI 7pm, COL 5pm, MEX 4pm, PER 5pm)
Price: Free

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