International Student - Behavioural Profiling

Creating more culturally inclusive messaging for international students.

The project – a collaboration between Study Australia Partners and MindTribes – places students at the centre and provides a simple but effective behavioural model to help develop digital communications, with a consistent student voice. The partnership leverages MindTribes’ cultural intelligence mapping and expertise in behavioural psychology to better connect communications with the target audience.

It provides a best practice model for how to shape communications and use language that evokes emotion and influences thinking and action, while ensuring the messages are culturally inclusive.

Download the behavioural profiles user guide

Ways to improve communications:

  • Download the behavioural profiles
  • Assess your current communications across various platforms to international students
  • Apply the tools in the User Guide to identify opportunities to improve the emotional connection and culturally-inclusive language in your content

Behavioural profiling - China

Behavioural profilng - China PDF

Behavioural profiling - country template

Behavioural profilng country - template PPT

Behavioural profiling - India

Behavioural profilng - India PDF

Behavioural profiling - Indonesia

Behavioural profilng - Indonesia PDF

Behavioural profiling - Japan

Behavioural profilng - Japan PDF

Behavioural profiling - Latin America

Behavioural profilng - Latin America PDF

Behavioural profiling - Malaysia

Behavioural profilng - Malaysia PDF

Behavioural profiling - Nepal

Behavioural profilng - Nepal PDF

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